Internet watchdog launches craclatex braceletskdown on harmful information

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China"s top internet watchdog launched a six-month crackdown on harmful and illegal information in cyberspace at the start of the year, it announced on Thursday. 

The crackdown is targeting 12 kinds of problematic information, including rumors and that related to pornography, violence, terrorism or gambling, on websites, smartphone applications, messaging tools or livestreaming platforms, the Cyberspace Administration said. 

The campaign aims to maintain order in the online environment and prevent illegal or harmful information that was previously removed from returning, the administration said. 

"We"ll make full use of our administrative measures and laws, giving strict inspections in the crackdown, and close down those illegal or problematic websites or online accounts," it said in a statement. 

"We"ll also fight officials who ignore or connive at such illegal behaviors in the campaign without any tolerance or mercy, in line with laws."

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